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Archangel® is an open, scalable service delivery platform which seamlessly integrates home and mobile equipment, data, and monitoring systems used to care for, and protect, individuals. 

Archangel® delivers flexible services, to mitigate risk and allow the creation of care services customised to the needs of an individual. 

The Archangel® monitoring system helps individuals to live independently in their own homes for longer, and its shared data insight portals deliver proactive care management and response tools.

Archangel Care Cloud System

How Archangel® works

Joining the dots

Archangel® joins the dots by collecting insightful data from a range of silo systems including home and mobile based care equipment and monitoring devices.
Each device collects SOS alarms and safety data, location data, health data, activity data and environmental data.
This insightful data can be used by family members, care providers, emergency responders, utility providers and our 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre to understand how people are living independently, with insights and tools to enable decision making and actions for better health and care outcomes.

Archangel® Portals & Tools

Have a complete view of your care service

Fully Featured Dashboards 

  • Secure, personal dashboards
  • Health, wellbeing, activity and environmental insights
  • Receive alarms and manage responses
  • Live system oversight and performance
  • Custom reports and analytics
  • Live location data

Profile and Asset Management

  • Create new citizen profiles
  • Create responder profiles
  • Populate personal data, including medical data
  • Live asset data heartbeats
  • Assign devices
  • Manage rules
  • Create risk profiles
  • Create responder plans

Managing Location Data

  • View current location
  • Find devices live 
  • View responders
  • Create & Manage geofences 
  • Create rules to alert responders
  • View archive breadcrumb trails

User Insights on Tablet DevicePowerful Data Insights

  • Advanced reports, export and integration tools
  • Intelligence based software and alerting
  • Improved care assessments
  • Early intervention for deteriorating health, wellbeing & home environment

Your care system managed your way.

As a modular system, Archangel® delivers complete flexibility, allowing you to build your own unique care system. Archangel® features a range of modules that allow you to enhance your own system and is designed to support care circles looking after loved ones as well as larger care commissioners.

Interoperability Gateway

The Interoperability Gateway (IG) Module is a free of charge  confidential systems integrator service which allows existing  multi-vendor digital devices, systems or platforms data to  be securely integrated with your existing internal care  systems and alarm receiving centre. The IG receives systems  data into a central repository for viewing and manipulation;  it forwards critical alarms and enables connections to other  management systems operating across your organisation.

Rules Module

The Rules Module makes complete sense of data gathered  from connected systems operating across your organisation.  System administrators create “If” “Then” rules using secure  Internet tools. Rules, supported by sophisticated artificial  intelligence algorithms, ensure that vital data received is  properly interpreted and used effectively to either create an  alarm for immediate action, or to post an alert for later follow  up and for ongoing care assessment analysis.


The Care247 Module is a secure cloud Alarm Receiving  Centre (ARC) system which allows your staff to manage  and respond to alarms. Care247 provides center and  remote working capability, providing a featured softphone  application which enables integrated alarm handling; call  conferencing and responder management. Disaster  Recovery and Business Continuity systems included.

API Module

Our flexible API approach allows the Archangel® system to  be integrated with other devices, systems or programmes,  creating greater efficiency, customisation and automation.  With the API module, your care system can connect with  other platforms such as: care management, planning and  scheduler softwares, HR & Payroll systems, lone worker  safety and workforce management systems, and permits  the sharing of data between other internal or external care  processes and systems.

Improve care with Archangel

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