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24-hour Digital Monitoring Service

To ensure that all citizens feel safe and secure whilst using our telecare devices and solutions, we offer additional 24-hour access to our monitoring services. We have partnered with Response247, an Alarm Receiving Centre which provides 24-hour support and emergency assistance to individuals with a variety of care needs including vulnerable people, people with learning disabilities, older people and people with long-term conditions and complex needs.

Each year, our ARC partner supports:


SOS and welfare alarms handled each year


Helpline calls answered anually


seconds average response time

What to expect from 24-hour monitoring

UK Wide Emergency Response

A UK-wide emergency response service which bypasses the public 999 system, giving you priority emergency response.

Highly Trained Emergency Response and Support Officers

A team of highly trained operators, working around the clock, dedicated to your safety and wellbeing at home and in the community.

Immediate Live Response

Immediate live response to all inbound calls (no use of auto-answer or playback recordings).

How Our Monitoring Service Works


If you require assistance or you are in an emergency situation, press the SOS button on your pendant, device, app or other monitored item.

Your device will automatically connect with an Emergency Response and Support Officer who will know who you are based on your unique identification code.

An Emergency Response and Support Officer will confirm that you are ok and if necessary, will contact an emergency contact or arrange for the emergency services to come and help you.

You will receive the help you need, whilst details of the call are recorded and reported to your care provider.

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